BARNYARDVILLE - Children Services
 BARNYARDVILLE - Children Services

Welcome to Barnyardville!



            Barnyardville's safe haven sanctuary for children & farm animals creates close bonds through  a peaceful barnyard atmosphere where kids recieve animal-assisted therapy & farm therapeutic activities.  Providing a retreat for children grieving the loss of a family member, coping with divorce or speration in the home, military departure of a family member, Foster care situations and more. 


                             Together; children and farm animals are the perfect combination. 


                   Teaching, learning  and healing  each other one barnyard session at a time. 


Animal Therapy

Educational & Interactive

Therapy Barnyard  Days

  • Weekly Sessions 
  • Private Sessions Available 



Barnyard Adventure Days

          Barnyard Adventure Days

  • Family Days      
  • Group Tours
  • Home School Visits 

         Lets create a barnyard bond together.

      Birthday Parties at     Barnyardville.   Let Your child share their special day in their safe haven at barnyardville with their friends & family.

      Kid Camps      Educational & Interactive compassion, responsibility, safety and care of animals from knowledgeable animal experts. Children will discover why animals are such an important part of our lives.

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